Press from Kacsoh et al, 2013 in Science

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From our paper on flies laying eggs in alcohol when wasps are around
Kacsoh et al. 2013

Insects and alcohol
Bob Hirshon
AAAS, Science Update, 3/8/2013
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Fruit flies medicate young against parasites
Lydia O'Neal
The Emory Wheel, 3/4/2013

Mother flies dose offspring with alcohol
Bob McDonald
CBC, Quirks and Quarks, 2/23/2013
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Alkohol von Dr. Fliege
Volkart Wildermuth
German Public Radio, 2/22/2013
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Fruit flies use alcohol to protect their young from body-snatchers
Ed Yong
National Geographic, 2/21/2013

Fruit flies force their young to drink alcohol - for their own good
Carol Clark
eScience Commons, 2/21/2013