Press from Milan and Kacsoh et al 2012 publication


From our paper on infected fly larvae consuming alcohol
Milan et al. 2012

The parasite that drives flies to drink
Alex Wild
Scientific American, 3/5/2012

Fruit flies seek out alcohol
The Onion, 2/21/2012

Cheers! Fruit flies drink to their health, literally
Veronique Lacapra
NPR, All Things Considered, 2/21/2012
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Flies drink alcohol to medicate themselves against wasp infections
Ed Yong
Discover Magazine, 2/20/2012

Fruit flies resort to alcohol
Meera Senthilingam
BBC, Naked Scientists, 2/19/2010
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Anti-biotic booze
Bob McDonald
CBC, Quirks and Quarks, 2/18/2012
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To evict parasite, canny fruit flies pick their poison
Carl Zimmer
New York Times, 2/16/2012

Fruit flies use alcohol to self-medicate, but feel bad about it afterwards
Rob Dunn
Scientific American, 2/16/2012

Fruit flies use alcohol as a drug to kill parasites
Carol Clark
eScienceCommons, 2/16/2012
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